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Certified Translation for Immigration New York

by Robert White

The USCIS mandates that all translations for immigration be certified according to the Code of Federal Regulations, 8 CFR 103.2(b)(3). This regulation specifies that any document in a foreign language provided to the USCIS must come with a complete English translation. The translator must certify that the translation is both complete and accurate, and they must attest to their proficiency in translating from the foreign language to English.

Certified Document Translation in New York

In New York, certified translation refers to the meticulous process of converting an official document, like a passport or marriage certificate, from one language to another. After the document is translated, ensuring it aligns with professional linguistic and industry benchmarks, its authenticity and legal validity are verified. This specialized translation method demands a unique set of skills and expertise.

  • For the USCIS in New York, we offer certified translations of various documents including passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, academic certificates, affidavits, medical records, car insurance documents, and more.
  • We also provide notarized document translation and apostille services in New York.

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Who accepts our certified language translations?

Certified Translation for Immigration
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Translators Registered with ATA
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The ATA stands as one of the foremost translation membership organizations globally, committed to upholding the standards and integrity of language translation both in the US and abroad. Kings of Translation is a proud official member of the ATA.

Our Customer Reviews:

International Coaching House LLC
International Coaching House LLC
July 8, 2022.
Fast and professional
Wael Glory
Wael Glory
July 7, 2022.
This company was great with the translation of my marriage certificate and my son birth certificate. They responded really fast and delivered great results. I would recommend them to anybody in need of translation services of any kind.
Christian Z.
Christian Z.
June 27, 2022.
Impressive service overall. I needed a document professionally translated and I’m glad I chose this company to do the translation. The translation itself is accurate and precise and took about a day or so to the the final draft of the translation. The best part about it was submitting the documents online which is extremely convenient. Would definitely use them again if I need other documents translated.
Karen Herrera
Karen Herrera
June 26, 2022.
They are amazing! Very attentive, fast response, understanding, even though some documents were a bit blurry, they were right in ever aspect with the translations. Highly recommend! They went above and beyond.
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson
June 24, 2022.
This was my first time using a translation service, and I have been blown away with the outstanding service that was provided to me. The translation was completed quicker than expected and was done so very professionally. I am extremely thankful to the entire team at Kings of Translation, and I will recommend this company to anyone requiring translation. Thank you very much for your help.
Christopher A
Christopher A
June 23, 2022.
The translation was completed with great accuracy and the translated document was emailed to me very fast. They even let you check for mistakes and corrections, and this is provided free-of-charge. Edward’s responses were very timely and to the point, and the entire process was made smooth with his help. It was an excellent experience; I couldn’t have been happier :)
Vera Worthington
Vera Worthington
June 21, 2022.
I referred to Kings of Translation for a French to English translation. The process was quick and easy, I just needed to upload my document and it was delivered to me in a very short time. I am very happy with their service and will use them in the future.
Sylvia M. McClelland
Sylvia M. McClelland
June 20, 2022.
Kings of Translation was everything I needed it to be: quick, efficient, and accurate. AND they did all of that with a less common language. Yasha especially provided excellent customer service—thank you! I will definitely use Kings of Translation in the future.
Amelan Assale
Amelan Assale
June 19, 2022.
Great work. The translation was perfect. No mistake at all. The format was the same as provided for translation. I was really happy with the work done for me.
June 17, 2022.
These guys are dope. Great service in very short time. Very accurate.

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What is a certified translation in New York?

A certified translation is a true and accurate rendition of the original source document but in a different language as stipulated. Beyond the translation, it comes with a certification confirming its accuracy. Such certified translations, especially those submitted to the USCIS, are vital for university admissions, court proceedings, and administrative processes at local, state, and federal levels in New York and beyond.

Certified Translation for Immigration New York

For a translation to be deemed complete, it must faithfully represent the source material. Translators aren’t allowed to arbitrarily modify or insert words; such actions could lead to misinterpretations. While this precision might be less evident in simpler documents like birth certificates, it becomes crucial in papers with detailed data and full names. Hence, certified translations, especially of such intricate documents, must be executed with utmost care.

The USCIS trusts that the certified translations they receive are true reflections of the original documents, without any undue omissions or insertions. Such accurate translations facilitate the seamless progression of applications.

A certified translation is accompanied by a certificate, attesting that it was carried out by a linguistic professional adept in both the original and target languages. Kings of Translation in New York relies on skilled human translators to meet the USCIS’s linguistic standards. Distinct from many competitors, we use AI tools minimally to avoid generic translations.

Moreover, Kings of Translation furnishes a certificate that vouches for the translation’s genuineness. We are also committed to offering unlimited revisions to ensure the translated piece mirrors the original document faithfully.

To further enhance the authentication procedure, Kings of Translation in New York includes certifications on company letterheads, complete with clear order numbers. Our contact details, along with the pertinent ATA number, are visible on every page.

The certification also states that the translator has no direct or familial ties with the owner of the original document. Additionally, Kings of Translation offers notarial services in New York, ensuring the provision of original documents bearing ink signatures when required.

Why Choose Kings of Translation in New York?

Certified Translation for Immigration New York

In the heart of New York, Kings of Translation stands out as a specialist in converting official documents without compromising the original content. We’re equipped with the necessary resources to adeptly translate immigration documents into English, tailored for USCIS needs. Our clients collaborate directly with linguistic maestros, streamlining their immigration applications and minimizing future revisions.


Recognizing the pivotal nature of your future, we prioritize every client’s needs. In a city that never sleeps like New York, Kings of Translation is unwavering in its commitment to deadlines, especially given the time-sensitive nature of many immigration applications. When partnering with us, expect timely and certified translations, fostering a lasting relationship built on trust.

Linguistic Mastery

Before entrusting your future to inexperienced translators, recognize the complexities of linguistic nuances they might miss. A certified translation demands a verbatim reflection of the source document. Inaccuracies can complicate your process, jeopardizing what could’ve been a seamless journey with a seasoned linguistic service.


Accuracy remains at the core of certified translations. In matters as crucial as immigration or bureaucratic processes, any oversight could hang like a looming threat. Our linguistic professionals, backed by a rich cultural understanding and native fluency, meticulously assess every facet, be it punctuation, grammar, symbols, or spelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my friend translate documents for USIS?

Even if your friend is linguistically adept, they cannot officially translate USCIS documents. As an applicant in New York, it’s wise to engage services like Kings of Translation that guarantee certified translations meeting USCIS standards.

Can Google Translate be used for document translation?

Regrettably, Google Translate isn’t recognized as a valid linguistic authority by the USCIS.

Does USCIS accept summarized translations?

While USCIS might accept summaries if the original document contains redundant or extraneous details, a properly translated extract is often the preferred and authorized record.

What if my translation is declined by USCIS?

To sidestep such hitches in your immigration process, choose a proficient linguistic entity like Kings of Translation in New York. Should issues arise, you can address them with USCIS through a Request for Evidence.

Why might I receive an RFE?

RFEs typically emerge when translations seem incomplete, unprofessional, or inaccurate. Engaging a reputable service is a surefire way to expedite your immigration journey.

How do certified translators differ from certified translations?

A certified translator is a language expert who has cleared a professional exam in a specific language, though this isn’t standard globally. Conversely, a certified translation entails a documented affirmation of the translated content’s veracity.

Certified Translation for Immigration New York
Is a Certified Translation Needed for USCIS in New York?

For the USCIS immigration process in New York, any document not in English must be translated into English. Along with the translation, a certification is provided, vouching for the translation’s authenticity, accuracy, and completeness.

Can I Engage Freelancers for USCIS Translations in New York?

While freelancers are unaffiliated with a company, there’s no assurance their translations will align with requisite standards.

Partner with Kings of Translation in New York

Clear communication via accurate translation simplifies bureaucratic undertakings, especially when facilitated by linguistic experts. In New York, Kings of Translation extends top-tier services for immigration documents and certified translations.

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